Welcome to VMPC2000XL Documentation

VMPC2000XL is an emulator of the Akai MPC2000XL sampling sequencer intended for vintage studio equipment enthousiasts.

VMPC2000XL comes in standalone desktop application and DAW plugin formats for Linux, macOS, iOS and Windows. The recommended mode of use is like how the original MPC2000XL was intended – as the centerpiece of your project. This workflow can be achieved most easily when using the standalone desktop variety of VMPC2000XL.

It is highly suitable for those who want to experience what it was like to create beats before modern music production software became ubiquitous, whether for nostalgia or for actually creating beats for further processing in a modern DAW.

It is not meant as an alternative to modern equipment with MPC-style pads. Such devices offer a much higher degree of efficiency, intuitiveness and possibilities.

VMPC2000XL is completely free and open source. Though nothing is currently documented about it, contributions are highly welcome! Contact Izmar if you are interested. Contributions are welcomed in the form of code, graphics, website maintenance, documentation, forum moderation and more.